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One question I am often asked is why did I plan to set up the company early in 2020 whilst the world was in turmoil. This is a question that I am always happy to answer, and which I actually think is really important. With so many people facing redundancy and losing their jobs at that time (and now), there is always potential for a gap in the market to be exploited by “professionals” who can help with getting people back on their feet. This was a natural concern of mine, that I didn’t want to be seen to be establishing a business during the most turbulent employment market.

For me, my motivation couldn’t be further apart. Working through the pandemic, both as a CV Writer (helping people to secure jobs) and an HR Consultant (largely managing job losses and redundancies), I gained a real appreciation of how quickly the world can change. I worked with so many people, on both sides, whose lives had been turned upside down. And the one thing I loved through all of it, was helping. Delivering that human approach that can make all the difference. Listening, supporting, advising and even if I couldn’t physically change the situation - understanding and empathising.

The part of my work that I love is building those relationships. Helping people identify their strengths, skills and achievements and having documents they truly feel proud of. The business is built around keeping prices fair and prioritising service and quality.

I have worked in HR for my whole career, and recruitment and selection has always been a big part of my work. Over the last 7 years I have worked as an HR Consultant, and through this I have seen the catastrophic affect that wrong staff decisions can have on small businesses. The work I do with businesses (outplacement packages, training and HR services) means I can get the right processes in place, and the right decisions made which achieves results for the employer and its recruits and employees.

So, how does this tie into cv writing? Alongside my HR work, I am also a CV Writer and Career Consultant for one of the leading CV writing companies in the UK. This experience has allowed me to see the other side of recruitment. There is such a small window of opportunity for individuals to make an impression. The job market is tough, there are record numbers of people going for every vacancy. I have witnessed first hand the pressure on those who have been in long term jobs and are suddenly redundant and may be facing interviews for the first time. The world of job searching has changed - so many jobs are advertised on line, ATS systems are a massive element of recruitment, many jobs are filled without even being advertised. For many this is a minefield that can really knock confidence at a time when it is needed the most.

Last year I completed a mental health first aider course. I have always been interested in this area, but I was astounded to realise the links between poor mental health and unemployment, the rising rates of depression, stress and anxiety and how they can affect all aspects of individuals lives.

So, after thinking long and hard about what I enjoy, and having the opportunity to develop a business it made perfect sense to focus on the areas that let me look forward to every job and proud of what I have done every day. Therefore it was the right time to launch the company and use my skills, experience and successes to help others succeed.

I do not take for granted how lucky I am to work in a job that I love, and that feedback confirms I excel at. Working with people, growing their confidence by bringing achievements to life, removing the fear and barriers of interviews, giving tools to succeed and being part of someone’s journey to achieve their goals. Equally helping companies make the right decisions and be an employer of choice.

This year more than any other has shown the importance of mutual help, networking and support. Focusing on what’s important and not being afraid to take that first step.

You might be really excited about your job search - perhaps it’s a career change or a promotion. Equally you may have been made redundant or dismissed from a job you thought was safe and finding it hard to have any motivation at all.

Whatever your circumstances, I can assure you an outstanding and flexible service, tailored sensitively to your needs, which will give you the best chance of securing your next step.